Vendor Registration Online Portal



This procedure applicable for the Vendors who have established MANUFACTURING UNITS in India, for supply of Project category items** and off-loading activities (Operations outsourced) to BEML LTD.

**Project item means the Items / Materials procured for manufacturing of BEML Equipments as per BEML drawing requirements. Other category of items, are excluded from this Reg. Procedure.

Vendors who would like to register as New vendor may refer to Annexure-I list of items (below link) which BEML is procuring under Project Items category scope. Also some of the items which BEML is looking to Indigenise / looking for Alternate source development also can be viewed using following Link.

Annexure- I - Broad Project Category Items being Purchase by BEML LTD.

After, understanding the items which Divisions of BEML, is interested in Procurement, Vendor should follow the online Vendor Registration Procedure by clicking the link in the web page.

Initially Vendor shall register online by creating User-id and password. User-id shall be the firms email which is commonly used.

Vendor shall share the brief company profile along with PPT / Product catalogue / Video presentation as an Expression of Interest (EOI)

The communication of Company Profile submitted, can be seen through online VR portal by all Material - Purchase Chiefs/ Heads of the Divisions.

The Firms will be contacted by the division Material / Purchase Chief/Heads for any additional information or Vendor can correspond with the Division Material / Purchase chief Email and Phone shared in Online VR Portal.

Further, based on request for Vendor Registration (for Vendor code request generation in system) from Division Material / Purchase users, based on Internal approval document, Central - Corporate Quality department, who are entrusted to complete the Vendor Registration, will activate ( mail is sent to Vendors on user-id activation) for submission of Online Vendor Registration form, as per Procedure mentioned in Online VR portal.

Once Vendor User-id is activated, Vendors are allowed to upload the Online Vendor Registration Form in the Portal.

In the absence of any communication from the Manufacturing division to Corporate Quality department, within ONE month, it shall construe that “BEML” do not have requirement at present for additional sources in your field of operation, in such cases EOI will be rejected and Vendor will not be allowed towards Vendor Registration Process. Vendors first clearly should know the type and category of items, under which New Vendor registration is allowed and initiate further registration process as per procedure explained in Online VR portal.


AGGREGATE Items – Bearings, Belts, Clutch, Clutch Plates, Control Cables, Cylinder Assys. Engines, Hyd. Pumps, Steering Pump, Steering Cylinders, Hyd. Cylinders Radiators, Oil Coolers, Suspension,. Transmission,, Tyres, Tubes & flaps, Water Pumps, Wire Rope, Air Brake System, Filters, Batteries, Hose Assy, Automatic Fire Protection System, Hyd. Seals, Swivel Joints, Wheel Disc., Wheel Rims, Piston Pins, Piston Rings, etc.
CASTING Type – Sand/Pr. Die / Gravity Die/ Centrifugal etc.
Material – CI/ SG / GI / Aluminium / Non-Ferrous etc. Machining – With/ Without
ELECTRICAL Items – Electrical / Electronic items. Cables, Connectors, Junction Box, Terminals, Wire Harness, Switches, Overloading Protectors, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Sensors etc
ENGINE ITEMS Items – Specific Engine items to be specified (Eg. – FIP, Mufflers, Cylinder Liners , Silencers etc.)
FABRICATION Type – Heavy / Minor / Light / Sheet Metal Fabrication, Pressed Components, Profile Cutting , Pipe Bending, TIG / MIG / CO2 Welding etc.
FORGING Type – Open Die / Closed Die /Upset / Ring Forging, Rolling, Raw material
Material – Alloy Steel / Steel / Ferrous / Non-Ferrous etc. Machining /HT – With/ Without
HARDWARE Type – Cold Forged / Hot Forged : Critical (High tensile / Track shoe) Bolts / Non-critical
Items - Bolts / Screws/ Nuts (Nylock / Lock / Slotted) / Washers (Spring / Hardened) /Circlips, Heliserts, Rivets, Studs , Pins
Material – Alloy Steel / Steel / Ferrous / Non-Ferrous etc.
MACHINING Type – Turning / Boring / Milling / Grinding / Drilling / Shaping / Gears, M/c of Casting / Forging / Engine items etc.
Machines – CNC / Conventional HMC / VMC / VTL/ Turning / Cyl. Grinding etc..
Material – Alloy Steel / Steel / Ferrous / Non-Ferrous etc.
POLYMER Type – Rubber items / FRP/ Phenolic Moulded / Rubber Moulded / Rubber Metal Bonded / Plastic Metal Bonded / Extrusion items / Injection Moulded / Gravity Moulded / PTFE Products
Items – Bellows, Bushings, Cushions, Plain Hoses, Suspension Boots, Tarpaulin Assys. etc,
RAW MATERIAL Type – Hot Rolled / Cold Rolled / Fin welded / Seamless
Items – Angles, Bars, Beams, Channels, Flats, Plates, Pipes, Squares, Rounds, Tubes
Material – Aluminium / Alloy Steel / Steel etc.
SERVICES Type – Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Material Testing, Other Services etc.
Heat Treatment - Annealing, Carburising, Flame Hardening, Induction Hardening, Nitriding, Normalising, Quench & Temper
Surface Treatment – Chrome Plating, Galvinising, Hardening, Phosphating, Powder Coating, Sand / Shot Blasting, Stress Relieving etc.
Material Testing - Mechanical / Chemical / Metallurgical testing / NDT Services etc. Other Services - Calibration, Chipping, Primer Painting, Kerosene cleaning etc.
SPRINGS Items – Anti Roll Bars, Coil Springs, Disc Springs Leaf Springs, Recoil Springs. Helical Springs, Wire etc.
MISCELLANEOUS / OTHERS Items – Felt products, Gaskets, Glass, Logos, Jigs & fixtures, Name Plates, Packing Wood, Safety Belts, Screw Jacks, Self-adhesive tapes etc.