Vendor Registration Online Portal


This procedure applicable for the Vendors who have established in India, for supply of Project items and off-loading activities (not for all the items being purchase by BEML)
(Project item means the Items/Materials required for manufacturing of BEML Equipment's. Refer Annexure- I below.)
Please go through the product categories in the below link before registration.
Annexure- I - Broad Project Category Items being Purchase by BEML LTD.

New suppliers and traders (only those who are sole/authorized representatives of OEMs) within India who would give BEML Ltd., competitive inputs, are now being added to the list of existing suppliers. For an initial assessment and empanelment with BEML Ltd.,suppliers may discuss with any one of the following manufacturing divisions, material chief’s for registering as a new vendor. Firms' Individual capability viz, Manufacturing facility, Quality Assurance, Major customer served and financial strength may be shared with divisions as form of PPT/Catalogue, as EOI details, for initiating registration process.

EARTH MOVERS Divn., KGF 08153-279310
HYDRAULICS & POWERLINE, Divn., KGF 08153-279486
TRUCK Divn., MYSORE 0821-2402458
ENGINE Divn, MYSORE 0821-2400262
RAIL & METRO Divn., Bangalore 080-25022631
PALAKKAD Divn. 0491-25681781
DEFENCE PUR.Head 08153-279486
AEROSPACE PUR.Head 0821-2400248

Divisional Technical committee will scrutiny EOI and has to send proposal for Vendor code request to Corporate Quality within 20 days on submission of EOI. Vendors are allowed to submit online application form on receipt of division’s recommendation to proceed further towards registration process. On receipt of Vendor Code request form, activation of registered user-id / mail id will be done by Corp. Quality team, for Vendors to submit Online Vendor Registration form.

Please note if no Manufacturing Divisions of BEML, shows interest towards Registration on the EOI submitted by Vendors, due to internal reasons, in such cases Corporate Quality, will disable Vendor user-id and Vendors are not allowed to upload Online Vendor Registration document.


Suppliers can be registered under different category based on declaration made under Supplier Registration documents submitted. Appropriate series of Vendor code (suppler identity number) will be allotted after the completion of Supplier Registration formality as described in ensuing pages. Generally Suppliers are evaluated based on Organizational soundness, Quality System followed, Technical / Financial competence parameters .

Suppliers under permanent status shall be considered for regular purchasing action.

  1. Procedure applicable for issue of Development series Vendor codes to Suppliers, who have established Manufacturing units in India.
    1. The Corporate Quality will allocate Development / Temporary series Vendor code based on communication received from any ‘BEML’ manufacturing Division and receipt of online VR documents.
    2. Preliminary Assessment of the firm is carried out on above said evaluation guidelines.
    3. While allocating Development / Temporary series Vendor code (VC), Supplier will be advised, to pay (onetime ) registration fee of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) by crossed DEMAND DRAFT ( Non refundable) in favour of BEML LIMITED, payable at Bangalore, towards Assessment / Processing fee.
    4. With the allotted Temporary Vendor code (VC no.), Suppliers can participate in Tenders under development activities of the division, which has sought for allotment of Vendor code request.
    5. Within ONE year period, Suppliers need to successfully execute the development orders and establish Delivery and Quality of the supplied items as per the order.
    6. Suppliers will be upgraded to Permanent registration status on final Assessment by ‘BEML’ team at their premises for verification of manufacturing processes and quality assurance systems and after obtaining Management approval.
    7. After the allocation of Permanent series Vendor code, the Suppliers will be eligible to participate in Tenders of all the manufacturing divisions of ‘BEML’
    8. The temporary VC Number will be blocked in our system if there is no business transaction during this one year period.
  2. Procedure for Customer certified Suppliers / DPSUs approved / Third party certified (Government certified Organization RDSO , CQA, DMRC , etc.., )
    1. The Corporate Quality will allocate Vendor code based on communication received from any ‘BEML’ manufacturing Division and on receipt of online VR documents.
    2. Based on Customer issued Registration certificates, which is submitted vide VR documents will be verified to allot this series vendor code.
    3. Preliminary Assessment of the firm, if required, is carried out on above said evaluation guidelines.
    4. Suppliers are exempted from payment of Registration fee, however suppliers are allowed to participate in bidding process as per customer approved parts and applicable business vertical of BEML division tenders.
  3. Procedure for Traders / Stockiest / Dealers of Indigenous Suppliers:
    1. The Corporate Quality will allocate Vendor code based on communication received from any ‘BEML’ manufacturing Division and on receipt of online VR documents. However these firms are exempted from payment of Registration fee.
  4. Procedure for Overseas Suppliers / Collaborators and Reputed / Proprietary Firms:
    1. The Vendor code for the above category of Suppliers are allocated by Corporate Quality based on communications from the Divisions / Marketing Head Quarters / R & D / Corporate office with relevant profile documents.
    2. However these firms are exempted from payment of Registration fee.
  5. For Critical Functional Items like Welding Consumables, Paints, Oils, Lubricants, Filters, Hoses, Bearings etc., the Suppliers need to submit TYPE APPROVAL Certificate for the particular Product issued by BEML R & D in addition to other formats, which can be applied online, for allocation of Supplier Codes.